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Foot Reflexology Pad

  • $ 24.95


Foot Reflexology Massage Mat combines the ancient are of reflexology with innovative healing design, to create the world’s best pain relieving foot care breakthrough. Reflexology works with the pressure points on the bottom of the feet to help reduce pain and to help circulation. Here’s how it works, the minute you step on pad you’ll begin to feel the over 2,800 reflexology points start to massage heels, arches, pads and toes of your feet sending pain relieving signals while it massages. Helps provide temporary pain relieve associated with plantar fasciitis, heel, arch and foot pain. Also helps reduce stress and promotes a sense of well being.

- Over 2,800 reflexology points
- Helps temporarily relieve pain associated with plantar fasciitis, heels, arches and foot tingling
- Massages heels, arch, pad & toes
- Sends pain relieving signals while massaging