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[No Heat] Magic Hair Curler- Easy to use

  • $ 29.95

1 Set includes 18 Hair Curlers + 1 Wand
PRICE $69.95 TODAY ONLY: $29.95
Average Customer Buys 2 Sets

Get your hair curled with no heat and without damaging your hair. These Magic curls are very effective & easy to use.

Curlers size is 17.7 inches, whether you are long or short hair it can be used. Put them in at night while you watch TV and in the morning have perfect bouncy curl that lasts all day. Great for church and special occasions for little girls!

If you’re in a hurry, you can even blow-dry hair until it’s almost dry,
put them in, blow dry with the curlers in for a few mins to dry completely and get a very similar effect to avoid the overnight wait.

Size of curler =  (17.7") 45cms


We can't wait for you to see results right away and to receive your [NO Heat] Hair Curler...However, if for any reason your product is damaged or you're not satisfied the least bit, let us know for a full 100% money back guarantee.

Note: Due to high demand for this discount offer, Please allow 2-4 weeks of shipping time for this product!

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